K9 Utilities: Complete PC Care

K9utilitiies, the name that you can rely upon for improvising the computing experience offers a whole range of digital solutions from PC optimizer, Internet security software and privacy manager to parental control and password manger. These specialized utilities would provide easy-to-use advantage every time when you are computing.

K9utilities provide one-click solution to problems like sluggishness, virus and malware intrusion, privacy breach, inappropriate content accessed by kids, password hassles and safety. Explore and download K9 PC Optimizer. Our other products are in the developmental phase as of now, and will debut shortly.

WHY K9 PC Optimizer?

Faster computing, less down time and no hassle whatsoever— K9 PC Optimizer allows ease of access and optimizes the work dynamics—share, connect, work, entertain and do whatever at the speed of light.

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No hassle and everything appears like a cake walk is something that K9 PC Optimizer promises. The user interface is vibrant and makes you do things in the friendliest way possible.

One-Click Action

You get multiple action performed in real time with no hassle whatsoever. All the vulnerabilities are dusted at just a click and you end up enjoying a vivid computing experience.

All-in-One solution

Performance, stability and security—everything streamlined in the best way with optimization software to help you enjoy a faster computing life.

Summary Report

Diagnosis, optimized probe to fish out the vulnerabilities and provide the right resolve to reclaim the normal computing is something that K9 PC Optimizer facilitates.

K9 PC Optimizer
A Name Credited with Revolutionizing the PC Performance at Just a Click

Quicker Computing, Optimized Performance and Stabilized Performance—all streamlined by K9 PC Optimizer.

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Compatible with Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8.1


Enjoy a factory out performance delivered even from an old PC.

 K9 PC Optimizer -Optimization-Tool

Manage Startup Items

Do away with programs that you don’t need and pool the programs that your require for optimized computing with K9 PC Optimizer.

Manage Services

Keep the computer’s performance real good with K9 PC Optimizer and get the leverage of starting, stopping, pausing and reloading programs as and when required.

Organize Data

Optimize and consolidate hard disk space and ensure that accessibility happens at faster rate. For optimized performance, this tune-up tool is the best thing to reckon.

Remove Duplicate Items

Get rid of the duplicate files with the same file name and optimize the PC performance. Get your system going real fast with no downtime at all?


Keep Things that you need and delete the rest for optimized PC performance.

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Know Memory Status

Track the system memory and keep unforeseen hard disk collapse at bay by continuously monitoring the PC performance.

Use Disk Cleanup

Keep redundancy of the system at bay by removing junks, broken data, temporary Internet files and other data from the recycle bin in no time.

Use Uninstaller

Application and their traces severely slows the PC speed, keep they away with uninstaller and optimize your PC speed.

Use Defragmenter

Defragment and release more space for faster computing. Keep scattered data and files properly organized with defragmenter functions.

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Keep computer performance optimal and improvise your potentials in no time.

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Fix Registry Errors

Windows freezing, system slowing, software conflicts, etc.—keep all things away by fixing registry errors instantly and efficiently.

Fix System Problems

Driver compatibility, system error and software issues, everything gets fixed instantly without affecting the systems files.

Fix Slow Internet

Slow net speed, restricted browsing and slow video streaming, keep all things alien with optimized PC performance. Enjoy a faster browsing experience in no time.

Fix Network Problems

Now accessing documents, files, audio, video, Internet, computer peripherals, phones and tablets would be easier and in nick of time.

Quick Specifications

K9 PC Optimizer doesn’t need any introduction today; its live performance speaks about its capabilities louder than the texts. We take pride in sharing the success facts.

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Get your tech problems fixed while you are dealing with your work and improve efficiency in no time.


Holistic System Configuration View

Get to know everything about your system on the platter with optimized dynamics, get more, know more and enjoy the most with K9 PC Optimizer holistic support.

Automatic Update

Keep your software updates without any manual hassle, just a command and your software would get the regular boost every day.

Automatic System Cleaning

Schedule Disc Cleanup and Defragmenter tools and make your hard disk more efficient and organized to fulfill the needs of demanding apps and services.

Automatic Account Management

Make things like real person and avert undue sneaking with user account control. You can even customize notification to make it less accessible.



Work, Play, Browse, Share, Connect … Faster 

download- K9 PC Optimizer download- K9 PC Optimizer
Compatible with Windows XP,Vista,7,8.1
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